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e-Geist was founded in 2004 by IT specialists who worked as a team in software creation, software testing and software distribution and were acknowledged as valued members of their team and soon named in key management position.

Based in Bucharest, Romania, with offices in Frankfurt area, Germany and in the near future in Zurich, Switzerland, e-Geist provides integrated Technical Solutions, including IT Recruitment, Consultancy Solutions, Managed Services and Outsourcing..

In 2006, e-Geist started offering services to UK. Since then, several software developing and distribution projects have been outsourced to e-Geist. Our mission is to be widely recognised as the most creative and dynamic provider of IT skills and resources in the market.

We believe in providing excellent levels of service to our clients by fully understanding their needs and requirements, and regarding them as stakeholders in our business. e-Geist is a technical services organisation with infrastructure and logistics that provides our clients with unique approach to technical resourcing that results in demonstrable savings in time, efficiency, money and resources.

Having strong partners ensures that e-Geist can contract, lead, develop, test, distribute or participate in projects of any scale. We pride ourselves on the honesty, integrity and quality of our employees. The investment in the training and development of our most precious of all resources, our people, is paramount to our ambitious growth plans.


Cezar Bocu
IT Security Manager

Cezar has an experience of over 18 years in IT - in Quality Assurance area, management solutions, design and architecture. Involved in projects of different sizes, leading medium and large teams, he learned management from "the first line". He developed Perl and Linux training's.

Fluent in: Agile, Linux, Perl, Java, MS-SQL, Fedora, IT Security

When not at the office - you can find him, if it is winter, on the ski slope or drifting on mountain roads. During the summer he prefers offroads and beaches. Even when he's away from work, he likes to read news from the IT world and Linux jokes. In the team he is in charge of the dark humour jokes and rock music.


Cornel Chirita
Managing Partener

Cornel has over 18 years experience in IT - Linux programming area, MySQL and testing. He was involved in medium size projects and has great experience in team management, development and implementation of software, is a specialist in virtual machines and network.

Fluent in: Java, C ++, Oracle, SQL, Linux, Bugzilla, Citrix.

When not at work - he is chasing two kids, playing RPGs and read psychology books. During summer, near the sea he returns to science fiction and fantasy style, devouring books through mobile applications.When he has some free time is involved in volunteering. In the team he is responsible for the organization and good food.

Claudiu "Mike" Covaci
Art Director & Communication

Mike has over 18 years experience in DESIGN area - banking, telecommunication, public relations agencies and NGOs. He was involved in projects of branding, launches, communication strategy and audit. Volunteers internationally and she is also involved in student projects.

Fluent in: adobe platform, corel, Vegas and many more

When not in the office - you can find him volunteering as a trainer for various non-governmental organizations or on the beach reading from the kindle. She blogs about various subjects, is passionate about cars, public speaking and graphic facilitation. In the team she is responsible for the presents and colorful things at the office.


Why choose an IT outsourcing company from Romania?

IT consultancy tailored to your needs When your business requires a simple set of upgrades, a redesign of the current system used or implement a new one - we can help you. After the analysis of the existing infrastructure and applications specific to your business. Results of the analysis will allow us to design an efficient system, in terms of costs to adjust to your needs. Develop head to toe, first learning about the needs of your business, and then engineer the system to meet them perfect. We keep IT simple The technical side, such as upgrading a system or add new requirements to the systems should not be a headache or to consume the time dedicated to your dedicated business development. Our team can do these things remotely reducing the necessary time - for testing and launch of a product - to a minimum, whether we are talking about desktop applications, upgrades or implementation of security modules. Large expertise Diversified collaboration with partners from different fields gave us a chance to develop our expertise, creativity and rapidity of response providing a wide range of solutions: complete, partial or modulation that is tailored specifically to the needs of each partner or collaborator. We focused to provide benefits to those who choose us, from the simplicity of installation, to decrease in cost, time and incidents, and to the adaptability in the proposals. Give us a try by sending an e-mail to the team:, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.


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